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    Valorant Getting Started Guide

    Valorant officially debuted on June 2, 2020, after a long closed beta process. If you want to have detailed information about this FPS game, which has been increasing in popularity since its release, appealing to a large audience, regardless of whether it is big or small, and which everyone loves, this article is for you!

    What is Valorant?

    First of all, “What is Valorant?” Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed and published by Riot Games.

    • Valorant is an FPS game where we can choose a different agent for each game. 5v5 teams attempt to detonate/destroy Spike or kill their enemies.
    • Each agent has their own unique abilities.
    • In Valorant, 12 rounds are played in each half, and the team that reaches 13 rounds before the enemy wins the match.
    • Players start each round with 100 lives. Light armor gives +25 health, heavy armor +50 health.
    • The Attackers side charge to place the Spike, while the Defenders are tasked with stopping the enemy or destroying the Spike.

    Valorant Ajanlar

    Valorant Agents

    Each agent in Valorant has a role and they have different abilities according to these roles.

    • Dueling agents are strong in attack.
    • Lead agents guide their teams and allow them to enter areas.
    • Lookout agents facilitate capture/attack by gaining vision in the captured or attacked area.
    • Control Specialist agents provide support to team plans for tactics to be made on the map.

    There are currently 18 agents in the game. You can find the names of these agents with different characteristics and life histories below:

    • JETT – Duelist
    • RAZE – Duelist
    • BREACH – Pioneer
    • OMEN – Control Specialist
    • BRIMSTONE – Control Specialist
    • PHOENIX – Duelist
    • SAGE – The Watcher
    • SOVA – Pioneer
    • VIPER – Control Specialist
    • CYPHER – Scout
    • REYNA – Duelist
    • KILLJOY – The Lookout
    • SKYE – Pioneer
    • YORU – Duelist
    • ASTRA – Control Specialist
    • KAY/O – Pioneer
    • CHAMBER – The Watcher
    • NEON – Duelist

    Valorant Agent Abilities

    We mentioned above that every agent has a talent. There are 4 of these abilities and the use of each of them varies.

    • Signature Ability (Sign) – Every character starts the game with this ability for free.
    • Ultimate Ability (Ulti) – Unlocked by neutralizing enemies.
    • First Ability (First) - Can be obtained after each turn.
    • Second Ability (Second) – Can be obtained between rounds.

    Valorant Silahlar

    Valorant Weapons

    There are 6 different types of weapons on Valorant.

    • Side Weapon (Pistol) are weapons called pistols.
    • Light Machine Guns (SMGs) have a faster rate of fire and are well suited to players at close range.
    • Rifles are effective at short and long range. They are in the main weapon category to defeat the enemy. They are the most used weapons in the game and accepted to be the most effective in general use.
    • Sniper weapons are very effective for players who are confident in their timing. They are weapons that seriously intimidate the opponent in long-range conflicts.
    • Machine Guns have high firepower.
    • Shotguns are very effective in close range combat. But the same cannot be said for long distance.

    Valorant Maps

    There are 7 different maps in the game. You can find these maps and their unique stories below:

    FRACTURE: A top-secret research facility split in two after a failed radianite experiment. Thanks to the different habitats on the map, the defenders, who have two different choices, can meet the attackers in their own area or prepare to deal with the attack.

    BREEZE: A tropical paradise, a visual feast with its historical ruins and seaside caves. But you need agents to watch your back. You'll need it in open areas and long-range combat. As long as you pay attention, water flows in Breeze and finds its way.

    ICEBOX: A secret Kingdom excavation site where the arctic cold reigns. The 2 spike placement areas are also protected by snowdrifts and metal fragments, emphasizing the importance of sniping skills. By using the steel ropes to your advantage, you can collapse on the enemies in an instant.

    BIND: There are two regions. There is no middle. Both sides have paths for attackers to use, and one-way teleporters to help hit opponents from behind.

    HAVEN: Squatting in the courtyard of an abandoned monastery, the agents are fighting each other to take control of all three areas. There's a lot of territory to control, but the extra buildings for defenders to capture can be useful to allow them to spray more aggressively.

    SPLIT: If you want to escape far, you have to go up. The center point, which rises in the middle of several different zones, provides the opportunity to move quickly with the help of two elevator ropes. There are two giant towers that are vital to maintain control in each region. Keep your eyes on the dangers from the skies.

    ASCENT: Ascent is like an open playground with minor conflicts and friction due to its two territories. Both areas have fortified bomb gates that cannot be reopened. Once these gates are closed, you must either destroy the gates or find another way to get through. Try to lose as little space as possible.

    Valorant Haritalar

    Valorant Game Mods

    Valorant game modes are divided into Unranked, Competitive, Spike Rush, Life or Death Battle, and Custom Game. There are also game modes that come with some patch notes; Like Snowball Fight, Climb, Copy.

    UNGRADED: This is the standard spike/destroy mode for both teams in Valorant for 25 turns. The first to win 13 rounds declares victory. If the score line reaches 12-12, the match goes to a Sudden Death round to determine the winner.

    COMPETITIVELY BASED: Competitive mode is similar to unranked matches against other players, but this time using a win-based ranking system that gives you a rank (from Iron to Radiant) after playing five games. To play in Competitive mode, you must win at least 10 unranked matches.

    ATTACK THE SPIKE: A fun, 5v5 mode where all players on the attacking side carry a spike. However, only one spike can be activated per turn. Players start the game with fully charged abilities (excluding ultimate abilities) using the same random weapon. The first team to win four rounds wins the match. Orbs spawn randomly throughout the map. Spike Rush mode lasts an average of 8-12 minutes.

    BATTLE TO DEATH: This mod is designed to help players improve themselves, sharpen weapon game mechanics, learn new maps and abilities. In a deathmatch with a total of 12 players, the first person to reach 40 kills in 9 minutes wins. If time runs out before all 40 kills are completed, the player with the closest score will be deemed the winner of the round. Deathmatch grants 900 XP for completing the game, but cannot be used to complete missions.

    COPY: Copy is a 5v5 game mode where all players on a team play as the same agent. Players vote for a representative they want to play with, and the game then randomly chooses one of the options. Valorant Duplicate mode has an estimated game time of 10-15 minutes and gives the same amount of XP as Unranked (100 XP per turn plus 200 XP per turn won). Copy Mod is a mod that comes with updated patch notes.

    CLIMB: The Climb mode is a 5v5 team deathmatch mode where players fight and kill the enemy team through a cycle of different weapons and abilities and progress together as a team through their levels. The team to finish level 12 first or reach the most levels within 10 minutes wins the game. Each level has a specific weapon or ability that the player is equipped with. Killing enemies grants the team points that help them level up. Valorant Climb mode takes about 7-9 minutes and gives 800 XP for completing the game plus 200 XP for the winning team. Climb Mod is a mod that comes with updated patch notes.
    Snowball Clash: Snowball Clash is a 5v5 team deathmatch mode where the first team to reach 50 kills wins. All players have access to a Snowball Launcher that fires deadly bullet-based snowballs only. Gifts containing temporary buffs for the player also appear on the map. These can increase the launcher's rate of fire, increase snowball size, allow snowballs to bounce, or increase the player's movement speed and maximum jump height. The Valorant Snowball mode grants 750 XP for each completed game and 150 bonus XP for the winning team. Snowball Clash Mod is a mod that comes with updated patch notes.


    Valorant Practice Modes

    Practice modes are a series of game modes where you can play against AI bots at varying difficulty levels. These mods help you learn how to play the Valorant game.

    • Shooting Test: It is a mode where you are in the shooting range and test your gun skills with various shooting difficulties.
    • Building Spike: It is a game mode where you try to take control of the area against artificial intelligence bots, place the Spike and defend it until it explodes.
    • Spike Destroy: A game mode where you try to take down Spike by knocking down his enemies before the time runs out.

    Valorant's Unranked, Competitive, Spike Rush and Life and Death are fixed game modes, Duplicate, Climb and Snowball Battle are mods that are revealed as part of incoming patches, but more new modes are possible to be added.

    What is Valorant VP?

    Valorant VP, also known as Valorant Points, is a currency added to the Valorant game by Riot Games that allows shopping from the in-game store. Valorant players can have cosmetic items such as new weapon skins with these VPs.

    Apart from these, it is not possible to buy an item that will give the player an edge in the game, strengthen your character, increase the damage you do or reduce the damage you take with VP. The in-game store is purely cosmetic and the items you buy are used as cosmetics only. In other words, there is no such thing as "Pay to Win".

    How to Get Valorant VP?

    There are two ways to purchase VPs. The first is to click the Buy VP button directly from Valorant's in-game store. You can buy VPs and pay quickly by choosing various payment methods on this screen.

    Second, you can buy your VPs as codes on our site. To activate this code, you must log in to Valorant again, first click the Store and then the Buy VP button. Finally, you should click on the box that says Riot PIN and Codes and confirm by typing the VP code you have purchased in the box that will open.

    Buy Valorant VP right now on eTail.Market to access new features in the game and improve your gaming pleasure and don't stay behind in the FPS world!.

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