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Buy Valorant Points (VP)

What is Valorant VP?

Valorant Points are the in-game currency used in the game Valorant, released in 2020 by the Riot Games studio.

Players who purchase Valorant Points can purchase new champions, weapon skins, or battle passes.

On the other hand, with the Valoran Points they purchase from eTail, they can purchase products that are discounted on special days and weeks at even more affordable prices.

There are some things to consider when purchasing Valorant VP Points. These:

  • Not only when purchasing Valorant VP Point, but also in any internet shopping, the presence of SSL certificate should be checked on the site and 3D secure payment methods should be preferred.
  • Make sure that the Valorant Points you will receive are taken in sufficient quantities. It should be avoided to incur losses in the purchase of more or less.
  • The purchase should be made from a reliable place such as eTail.Market
Valorant Points price:
- To the limits set by Riot Games, the producer of the Valorant game.

- Current exchange rates
- Profit and Loss index
varies accordingly.
The maximum price and unit of Valorant Points are constantly updated.
The minimum price and unit of Valorant Points are constantly updated.

Valorant Points is an in-game currency suitable for anyone playing Valorant, and any player over the age of 15 can buy and use it. Credit card use is not included. For products to be purchased with a credit card, it is obligatory to be over the age of 18.

Valorant Points are used to purchase cosmetic items in-game. This situation also has its advantages. These:

- Various weapon images
- Weapon Charm
- Weapon leveling up

offers such diversity.
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