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Buy Mobile Legends Diamond

What are Mobile Legends Diamonds?

Mobile Legends Diamonds is an in-game currency used in the Mobile Legends game.

With this currency, players can improve their characters, buy new features and outfits, and always be one step ahead of their opponents.

- Select the Mobile Legends Diamonds denomination.

- Check out and select your payment method.

- Once payment is made, the Mobile Legends Diamonds you have purchased will soon appear as a code in the "Order History" section of your eTail account.

- Login to

- Select the number of diamonds you have purchased on the page that opens.

- After selecting the diamond, enter your e-mail address that you use in the game.

- Write your game ID in the lower part.

- In the last part, enter the zone's ID in which zone you are playing.

- Click on Validate Player ID button.

- Once your player ID is confirmed, follow the instructions and redeem the diamond into your account.

The prices of Mobile Legends Diamonds may change for many reasons, including their publisher, Moontoon.

We recommend that you constantly visit our site to find the best prices.

There are some things to consider when purchasing Mobile Legends Diamond or Mobile Legends Bang Bang Diamond (Mlbb). These:

  • Credit cards should not be used for any internet shopping, not only when purchasing Mobile Legends Diamonds. Instead, the "Virtual Card" system should be used.
  • Make sure that the Mobile Legends Diamond you will receive is taken in sufficient quantity. It should be avoided to incur losses in the purchase of more or less.
  • eTail Chanshould be followed on the Discord. More affordable Mobile Legends Diamonds must be purchased at any time of sale.

Anyone who likes to play Mobile Legends can buy Mobile Legends Diamonds.

You can also purchase Mobile Legends Diamonds by shopping on our site with a credit card, ininal card and virtual cards! However, the customer must be at least 18 years old for this process.

Buying diamonds in the Mobile Legends game gives the player many advantages. Players can buy diamonds to strengthen their character. With the diamonds they receive, they can collect and combine the symbols in the game and add extra power to the characters before starting the game. They can also change their visual features during the game and differentiate many animations. They can also buy and try new heroes with this diamond.

To buy Mobile Legends Diamonds, eTail.Market is a platform you can absolutely trust.

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With the approval of 3D Security, our customers can make their payments with BRSA approved payment methods without any problems.

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