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    What Is War Games?

    Games that involve war and include adrenaline are called war games. Contrary to popular belief, war games are not only about psychological or physical violence, they are actually a kind of strategy games. Although not a strategy game like chess, they simulate war with their own realism. There are different types of games in the eTail Website. Some of these are War, action, adventure, driving and puzzle games. Almost every one played war games, such as Battlefield, Fortnite, Valorant, and PUBG. For example, the Valorant game can develop children's reflexes, it is also a communication game. Players are always in communication while playing the game. You can easily see the differences between a team that is in communication with each other and a team that does not communicate and is unaware of each other. Players need to focus on the game but the main purpose of Valorant is fun. Playing games with other people also improves your communication skills.

    Things You Need To Know About War Games

    • Success is achieved through teamwork and draw.
    • It relaxes the players from negative emotions and thoughts.
    • War games help improve memory.
    • It will be of great help to you in solving your problems in your daily life.

    How To Play War Games

    You can play war games using many different game devices. The most frequently used devices are game consoles and computers. The first thing you need to do is to learn the basics of the game and understand its mechanics.

    Are War Games Fun?

    The main purpose of War Games is fun. It is difficult to deal with the obstacles in the games because you may not be very good at your first try. The excitement, competition and adrenaline of the games take you to the peak of happiness. If you have never played a war game, we recommend you to play at least one game and experience this feeling.

    What Are The Benefits of War Games?

    • People who play video games may be more skilled in the profession of surgery because they are careful and patient.
    • Playing war games improves leadership skills
    • War games in ancient history can make you more cultured one.
    • You can make new friends by playing multiplayer games.
    • You can learn a new language.
    • The most important benefit of playing war games is that it develops reflexes.

    What are the Benefits of War Games on Children?

    There is some evidence that war games improve the reading abilities. In general, parents talk about the bad side of war games but such games made with advanced technology are indispensable for the new age. War games may become more interested in geography and history. Kids can make new friends by playing multiplayer games and can learn a new language.

    How War Games Improve Reflexes

    War games make people more sensitive to the events happening around them. Scientists at the University of Rochester said in the journal Current Biology that war games are a powerful training to speed up reflexes. People who play war games can react 25% faster to different situations than people who don't. For example, when the game gets tough, you need to move faster to hit the enemies. To achieve this, you have to improve by trying harder each time.

    The Effect of War Games on Critical Thinking

    One of the most popular FPS games is Valorant. In this game, every secondduring the war is important. Decisions is also important in this game. People who play games in this style are able to make more critical, critical and strategic decisions.

    How War Games Improve Strategy Abilities

    Some games are based on strategic thinking. World Of Warcraft and Age of Empires games are the most well-known of these strategic games. In Age of Empires, you fight against time. In this way, your thoughts about different strategic decisions will develop very easily in real life.

    Do War Games Affect Communication Skills?

    Online war games give you the opportunity to communicate with other players. In these games you can sell things, trade or make friends. It incrases your ability to communicate with people. Working as a team also incrase communication skills.

    Which War Games Should Be Played According to Age?

    Children are usually prefer simple games because their reflexes and reaction times are not very developed. Adults prefer more challenging and complex war games because their reflexes and reaction times are developed well. Here are some of the games that adults usually play:

    • Counter Strike
    • Valorant
    • Call of DutyCounter Strike
    • Valorant
    • Call of Duty
    • Battlefield 
    • GTA 
    • Rainbow Six Siege
    • Defcon
    • Valiant Hearts: The Great War
    • Titanfall 2
    • Days of War
    • Battlefield 
    • GTA 
    • Rainbow Six Siege
    • Defcon
    • Valiant Hearts: The Great War
    • Titanfall 2
    • Days of War

    War Games Graphics

    With the development of technology, graphics have become closer to real life. The people who make these games work harder every day to maximize the feeling of reality. Before the game's gameplay, the graphics attract players to play this game. The scanes in some games can be so realistic and usually such graphics are found in horror games. Age limit is necessary for these games. It is a very good method so that young children are not affected.

    Types of War Games

    We can see war games in 10 different categories. Each categories have a different playstyle and purpose. For example, the Role Play game is, as the name suggests, consists of actions such as role-playing and destiny determination. In shooter type games, the pupose is usually to destroy the enemies using weapons. The categories of real-time war strategy games is also called MOBA is the type of game in which we develop from scratch on a certain game map and become stronger according to the progress of the game. As we can understand from the name in RTS style games, are real-time strategy game types. H&S type games take the story back and bring the war and action. Battle Royale type games are a type of game played with multiplayer and these game's purpose is being the last person standing on a map. Finally, the Open World games. We can say that the Open World, which we are very used to, is the game type that we spend the most time in and the widest game type.

    • FPS – First Person Shooter
    • TPS – Third Person Shooter
    • RPG – Role Playing Game
    • J-RPG – Japanese Role Playing Game 
    • MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
    • H&S – Hack and Slash 
    • RTS – Real Time Strategy
    • Open World
    • Battle Royale
    • Adventure

    Best War Games

    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    • Valorant
    • Call of Duty (series)
    • Battlefield(series)
    • GTA(series)
    • Rainbow Six Siege
    • Defcon
    • Valiant Hearts: The Great War
    • Titanfall 2
    • Days of War
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