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  • What is Kiss Publishing Limited?

    What is Kiss Publishing Ltd?

    Kiss Publishing Ltd is a company that provides financial resources to companies or game producers in the publishing phase of indie games. This company has been supporting individuals for indie games for close to 5 years. It also provides support for funding games during development and release.

    Aiming to finance and publish the game instead of developing games, Kiss Publishing Ltd publishes games for XBOX, PS and PC platforms. In addition, this company has not developed any games since its establishment, but has undertaken the publishing of games created by many independent developers. Continuing its game publishing policy in this way, the company has succeeded in making its name known with many popular games.

    In addition, the company has an international market in the game publishing phase. For this reason, it is preferred by people who want to finance their game and want to develop games independently.


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    When was Kiss Publishing Ltd Founded?

    Kiss Publishing Ltd game publishing and distribution company was founded in 2017. Publishing many games since 2017, this company has international headquarters. The CEO of Kiss Publishing Ltd, a US-based company, is Aunt Darryl. This company was founded in 2017 by people who held senior positions at EA, US GOLD and Codemasters developer and publisher companies. This company, which was established as a joint decision and is a game publisher, won the title of BAFTA Best sports games and was nominated in many branches.


    What are Kiss Publishing Ltd Games?

    Kiss Publishing Ltd has published many games developed by independent people on different platforms. Since 2017, the company has undertaken the publishing of many games. The games published by the Kiss Publishing company are as follows;


    Kiss Publishing Ltd. What is the Most Known Game?

    The most popular game published by Kiss Publishing Ltd company is Deadswitch 3. This game is one of the first-person shooter games. This game, which has different graphics, is among the most preferred games of the company on Steam. In the game, two players try to achieve victory by acting jointly against their enemies. The game was published on July 4, 2014.


    To Which Systems Has Kiss Publishing Ltd Published Games?

    Kiss Publishing LTD publishes games to many systems and platforms. The games released by the company that publishes games for PS, XBOX and PC platforms and their published dates are as follows;


    Racer 8

    PC; June 6, 2014


    Uriel's Chasm

    PC; 13 November 2015


    The Great Gatsby

    PC, XBOX, PS; 19 May 2017


    Deadswitch 3

    PC, XBOX and PS; May 2021

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