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  • What is PUBG UC?

    What is PUBG UC?

    PUBG UC is the in-game currency of the PUBG game, which is becoming more and more popular in the battle royale category.

    There are different types of money you can use in the PUBG Mobile game. The first of these is the silver currency. It is possible to earn silver currency by playing the game, but some items with special appearance cannot be purchased with this currency. For those who want to have special-looking equipment, there is a money system called PUBG UC (Unknown Cash). Simple clothes offered by the game to users can be easily purchased with silver currency.

    You need to pay real money to buy PUBG UC. You can buy this currency for yourself or send it to a friend as a gift. The images of the items you will buy with PUBG UC are really different and beautiful. Looking different from other users in the game gives you an extra motivation. Equipment purchased from the store in PUBG does not provide players with an extra feature during matches. Only the appearance of the equipment you use changes.

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    What is PUBG UC

    What Does PUBG UC Do?

    PUBG UC makes you stand out from other players in matches in general. This way, you can focus more on the game. It has been observed that people who buy items with PUBG UC have better success in matches. You can spend this currency by entering the store in the game. Listed below are what can be done with PUBG UC;

    • With PUBG UC, you can buy and open items such as Lucky PUBG Crate, P.D.P Chest, Premium Crate, Special Eid-al-Adha Package and Classic Crate to earn different special items.
    • You can earn special items through boxes, as well as some items such as glasses, masks, top clothing, bottom clothing, shoes, bags and bombs are sold directly in the store with PUBG UC.
    • With this money, you can buy different weapon skins from the store to improve the appearance of the weapons used in the game.
    • People who are bored with the classic look of the cars used to move quickly in the game can buy better quality vehicle skins from the store. These skins do not enhance the normal properties of vehicles.
    • PUBG UC is used to improve the appearance of the parachutes used while jumping from the plane at the start of the game.
    • You can use PUBG UC to buy a companion like Falcon with you. Companions have lots of moves, but they don't affect game balance.
    • You can buy Royal Pass with this currency. The Royal Pass card offers players the "daily" and "challenge" missions. When these missions are completed, players get "Royal Points".
    • While the Free Royal Pass is insufficient in terms of rewards, the Elite Royal Pass offers users a lot of opportunities for loot rewards.
    • Thanks to the season rank upgrade system, players with ranks between 1 and 100 can increase their rank.


    What are PUBG UC Advantages?

    PUBG UC is a currency often preferred by players. Below are the advantages of PUBG UC.

    • PUBG UC can make your account level up faster.
    • The game can increase your motivation with different special appearances in the game.
    • The quality images of the weapons you buy with this currency add a different fun to the game.
    • PUBG UC can make you feel different from other players.
    • You can try your luck by opening a chest with PUBG UC.
    • You can show off to other players by buying different outfits with this currency.
    • You can communicate with other users in a different way in the game with the character movements you have purchased.


    How to Get PUBG UC?

    Buying PUBG UC is quite simple. You can buy online from different sites with a credit card. There are also stores that sell E-pin codes on physical cards.


    How to Buy PUBG UC?

    UC purchase for PUBG Mobile can be done in two different ways. These are sending UC to Player ID and purchasing E-pin. UC can be purchased on some sites by specifying the Player ID. UCs purchased with this method are credited to your account between 3 minutes and 48 hours. Another method is the E-pin purchase method. In order to activate the E-pins you have purchased from different places; you must first log into the PUBG Mobile E-pin site. You must log in to your PUBG Mobile account on the site that appears.


    Then, you must enter the E-pin code you have purchased in the section that says "Please enter your E-pin code" and click on the "OK" option. After you enter your date of birth on the page that opens, you will see a page with the amount of UC and the character name. After completing the necessary checks, click the "Submit" button. After completing these processes, the amount of UC you have purchased is defined in your PUBG Mobile account.


    Where Can I Get PUBG UC?

    You can buy PUBG UC from major markets, virtual stores or websites.


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    What are PUBG UC Prices?

    PUBG UC prices are changed or updated by Tencent Games, the producer and publisher company. You can continue to visit our website for variable prices.


    What are the Points to Consider While Buying PUBG UC?

    In this period when technology is developing rapidly, the level of internet fraud has increased considerably. When purchasing PUBG UC, you need to make sure that you buy it from reliable sites. The eTail site is very successful in providing users with confidence. Listed below are some points to consider when purchasing PUBG UC.


    • Some websites offer out-of-stock E-pins for sale, it is necessary to pay attention to this issue.
    • There are some people that are reflected in their invoice without buying the e-pin product.
    • You should use your card information on reliable and well-known websites. Otherwise, some sites may make transactions with this card information without your knowledge.
    • Before purchasing PUBG UC, you should do the necessary research and choose the most reliable site.
    • When using PUBG UC E-pin, you should check that you have entered your Player ID correctly and then confirm the action.


    Is There an Age Limit to Get PUBG UC?

    The age limit for playing PUBG Mobile is 13. When purchasing PUBG UC with a credit card, the user must have a credit card. Although there is a certain age limit for purchasing E-pins online, there is no age limit for purchasing E-pins from physical environments.


    What Can Do with UC in PUBG?

    PUBG UC does not put you in front of other players in the game. No matter how much PUBG UC you buy, a player who has never bought can play the game better than you. In addition to this information, the equipment you buy with PUBG UC allows you to look better and be cool in the game. This feature also gives players an extra motivation.


    How to Use PUBG UC?

    You can buy PUBG UC directly from the game via the Google Play Store. In this method, you do not need to take any action. You need to enter PUBG UC E-pins that you have purchased online or from physical environments in the E-pin section of the website. Then you must write your Player ID in the required section. A different window will open in front of you. Here you can confirm the transaction after checking the amount to be loaded and your Player ID. Then the amount of UC you have purchased will be credited to your account.

    What is PUBG UC

    What can be bought with PUBG UC?

    With PUBG UC, it is possible to buy different products from the store in the game. You can like and buy these products according to your own taste. Listed below are the items that can be purchased with PUBG UC.


    • Clothing Sets
    • Tournament Packages
    • Weapons Pack
    • Character Coupon
    • Hats
    • Helmets
    • Glasses
    • Masks
    • Tops
    • Bags
    • shoes
    • bombs
    • Weapon Skins
    • Vehicle Views
    • Parachute Views
    • Special Chests
    • Elite Royal Pass


    How to Send PUBG UC?

    It is possible to send UC to your friends in PUBG MOBILE game. First of all, the friend you want to send UC needs to send you a Royal Pass Request. Your friend should click on the Royal Pass option on the main screen. Then go to the "Upgrade History" section and click on the "Send Request" option from there. After you write your name in this section, you should check the "Mail" button in the lower right corner of the lobby screen. There is a section called "Request" in the gift center here. In this section, you will see the Royal Pass Request mail that your friend sent you and you need to press the "View" button on this mail. After reading the articles here, tap on the "Give" option. Thus, the UC sending process is completed.

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